25 06 2013

We are looking forward to the public release of Apple’s iOS7… so far it is looking good!

Name Change

25 03 2013

We are pleased to announce that the company name has changed from Violet Enterprise Solutions to VIOLET TECHNOLOGY effective immediately.

Violet releases App for Starwood Meetings Asia Pacific

16 06 2011 Asia App Store

This  new iPhone/iPad application created for Starwood  Meetings Asia Pacific assists Starwood Preferred Planners, Event Planners, Professional Congress Organizers and anyone else to plan meetings across Asia Pacific.

Special thanks to all of those at Starwood Asia Pacific who contributed to the design process, and special thanks to our design team and programmers for doing such a great job.

Some Key Features include:

– search functionality

– floor plans

– room dimensions

– request for proposal

– images of meeting rooms and event spaces

– direct email connection with hotels

– direct telephone contacts for hotels

– English & Simplified Chinese version

>Link to Application on Apple’s App Store

Apple’s iPad 2 Review

3 04 2011

Having had an Apple iPad since they were first released, I wondered if the new iPad would be different enough to get one. I didn’t wonder for long and moments later placed my order online. Shipped directly from the factory in China, the iPad arrived via Fedex.

Now that I have had a week or so to set up and test the iPad 2, I can say the improvements are significant and it is well worth getting one – even if you have a fully functioning original iPad.

Here are the main improvements/new features that stand out:

  • holding the iPad to read a book or email is easier and less strain on your arm because it is a lot lighter – which means longer reading times (I did not even notice this as a problem before)
  • the front and rear cameras enable video conferencing, taking snapshots and recording video… awesome! documents can be scanned, barcodes can be read and you can show video callers how you look in early morning video chats!
  • the lower profile (otherwise known as height) means it fits in more bags, and is cooler… OK, the biggest benefit of this is the reduction in weight.
  • snapping (it’s magnetic) the leather cover on is a breeze – and it looks great.
  • faster run times means you don’t have to wait as long for apps to load, pages to download etc.

Despite what some people think – the iPad is way more than a large screen iPhone! Over time more apps are becoming available that take advantage of the cloud, syncing and integrating seamlessly with your desktop/laptop and mobile phone. A simple example of this is when you update a password on one device, it is automatically available on all your devices… (don’t worry, it is encrypted to make it secure).

If you haven’t ordered one yet… we highly recommend it!

Apple Store

3 03 2011

This video was taken at the Newport Beach Apple Store last year – on an average day. As you can see, business is booming…

Apple’s New iPad II

2 03 2011

Today, Apple announced the new, slimmer, faster, more capable iPad II.

Last year the iPad opened up a new category of mobile devices, and now a year on… wow the new uses for something that did not exist a year ago. I don’t know about you, but I can imagine a lot of very sexy enterprise applications on an iPad that will reinvent corporate employees relationship to technology. It really is about empowering the individual and putting advanced tools in their hands that cost very little compared to the productivity gains and client engagement that is possible.

I don’t think most people realize just how useful an iPad is for downloading music and videos – then plugging into your TV and watching HD movies and listening to high quality sound. And if you miss your favorite show… download it and watch it in the waiting room while you wait for the doctor! cool!

At Violet, we look forward to developing a new generation of enterprise iPad applications that change the way people work.

We Are Hiring!

1 03 2011

If you know of an incredible Filmaker Software Engineer who is looking for a new career with a fast growing and innovative company… send them to us!

We’re looking for the best. People who are super-smart, creative, up for any challenge, and excited about what they do. In other words, Violet people – the ones you’d want to hang around with anyway…

Visit the Violet Career Center >