Goldzone iPhone Application

14 03 2009

goldzoneiphoneWe are excited to announce that the Goldzone iPhone/iPod Touch application will soon be available for download from the Apple iTunes store for FREE.

The first release will include streaming content as well as some of Goldzone’s best productivity tools; Magic Moments and Action Requests.

First release functions include:

  • MAGIC MOMENTS allow you to send anyone who does something special for you, or creates a WOW experience a special acknowledgement – right from your iPhone/iPod Touch. It feels great to receive MM’s and it feels even better sending them!
  • ACTION REQUESTS allow you to send a request to anyone; colleague, supplier, family or friend. Typically we ask people to do things verbally and these requests often get forgotten or done incorrectly. Sending an AR via iPhone/iPod Touch allows you to keep a record of your requests, and for the person receiving your request to know what exactly you want and what the priority is. This makes it easy for you to follow up and follow through to get what you want done, when you want it!
  • STREAMING CONTENT from includes anytime access to; articles, tips, ideas and thoughts.
  • TWITTER feed keeps you up to date with the Goldzone founders who write messages and update on this microblogging service.

We will be announcing the pre-release Beta Version shortly. Click here if you would like to participate.

The Goldzone iPhone Application is being developed exclusively for the Goldzone Leadership Center by Violet Enterprise Solutions Pte. Ltd.

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