Choosing the right Internet Service Provider

30 08 2010

I was reading this article on ISP’s written by Erik Eckeland  and thought it might be beneficial for Violet’s clients and enthusiasts as many of you are moving more towards both internal and external cloud based services for your business.

Here is a short extract, the entire article can be accessed under the link below.

“…Internet service providers (ISPs) have become critical IT infrastructure partners. As cloud computing, email, and Internet connectivity have grown in importance, so too have the circuits that connect organizations to the Internet. When selecting an ISP, don’t base your choice only on price or familiarity. Consider these 10 factors when seeking an ISP….”

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Mobile App Market to Surge to $17.5 Billion by 2012 [STUDY]

18 03 2010

March 17, 2010 Stan Schroeder Comments

Lithuanian-based GetJar, an independent mobile phone application store with more than 60,000 mobile applications for major mobile platforms such as Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile, commissioned a study that predicts a huge surge in the number of mobile app downloads and the overall size of the mobile app market.

According to the study, created by Chetan Sharma Consulting, mobile app downloads should jump from 7 billion in 2009 to almost 50 billion in 2012. By this time, the market will be worth 17.5 billion dollars, the study predicts, despite the expected lower price of mobile apps, which should drop from the current average of 2 dollars per app to 1.5 dollars in 2012.

GetJar chief executive Ilja Laurs makes another bold prediction, echoing the one we’ve recently heard from aGoogleGoogle executive. “It is easy to see how mobile apps will eclipse the traditional desktop Internet. It makes perfect sense that mobile devices will kill the desktop,” he said.

He backs this up with more data from the study, citing that 17% of GetJar users spend more time on internet-linked smartphones than they do on desktops.

Be that as it may, the work you do on your desktop is still a lot different than the work you do on your smartphone. The mobile application market definitely has tremendous room to grow, especially with the coming of iPad, which takes the mobile app paradigm and slaps it onto a bigger, tablet device. But let’s wait and see how it performs on the market before we declare desktop dead or irrelevant.


Cloud Computing in Plain English

30 03 2009

And a second video, same subject different approach:

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16 03 2009

This video is very good for describing what twitter is and how it works…


16 03 2009

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