25 06 2013

We are looking forward to the public release of Apple’s iOS7… so far it is looking good!

Ever Lost A Password?

2 12 2010

Have you ever lost a password? They say don’t write your passwords down and don’t use easy to figure out passwords… yikes! how to keep track of all those unique digits that are a must for your digital and financial security?

The very best application we have come across is 1Password. It is totally secure, you only need to recall one password (hence the name) and it automatically syncs to all your devices. Go to a website and instead of looking up your ID and password, all you do is simply click on the key in your browser, enter your master password… and hey presto – you are logged in.

Check it out here and download a free trial:

Mobile App Market to Surge to $17.5 Billion by 2012 [STUDY]

18 03 2010

March 17, 2010 Stan Schroeder Comments

Lithuanian-based GetJar, an independent mobile phone application store with more than 60,000 mobile applications for major mobile platforms such as Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile, commissioned a study that predicts a huge surge in the number of mobile app downloads and the overall size of the mobile app market.

According to the study, created by Chetan Sharma Consulting, mobile app downloads should jump from 7 billion in 2009 to almost 50 billion in 2012. By this time, the market will be worth 17.5 billion dollars, the study predicts, despite the expected lower price of mobile apps, which should drop from the current average of 2 dollars per app to 1.5 dollars in 2012.

GetJar chief executive Ilja Laurs makes another bold prediction, echoing the one we’ve recently heard from aGoogleGoogle executive. “It is easy to see how mobile apps will eclipse the traditional desktop Internet. It makes perfect sense that mobile devices will kill the desktop,” he said.

He backs this up with more data from the study, citing that 17% of GetJar users spend more time on internet-linked smartphones than they do on desktops.

Be that as it may, the work you do on your desktop is still a lot different than the work you do on your smartphone. The mobile application market definitely has tremendous room to grow, especially with the coming of iPad, which takes the mobile app paradigm and slaps it onto a bigger, tablet device. But let’s wait and see how it performs on the market before we declare desktop dead or irrelevant.


Augmented Reality iPhone App

26 08 2009

Metro Paris’s developers PresseLite have found a way to get Augmented Reality working with the existing iPhone 3.0.

This App provides a way for users to find the nearest station on the Paris Metro simply by holding up your phone and looking through the camera at the view in front of you.  Check it out:

TweetDeck For iPhone

18 06 2009

tweetdeckiphoneTweetDeck has finally launched its very pretty looking iPhone app bringing TweetDeck’s much loved columns and gorgeous interface to the small screen.

TweetDeck for iPhone also syncs with the desktop version, providing a complete desktop and mobile solution for Twitter power users.

What this brings to users is a holistic experience: leave your desk and have the same experience and data on your phone.

The app is available here >>>





Palm Pre vs. iPhone & Storm

10 06 2009

iPhone Rumor Graphic

1 06 2009

The below graphic helps you to keep track of the rumors of what the new iPhone will include and how likely. From The Green Room.