Violet Enterprise Solutions Acquires Mazimo Magic

1 08 2009


We are pleased to announce that Violet Enterprise Solutions has acquired Mazimo Pte. Ltd., the Mazimo Magic application and the intellectual property rights.

The Mazimo Magic Application was originally used in 2004 by the Goldzone Group as an online tool to share appreciation in the form of “Magic Moments” with clients and colleagues and to identify “Anti-Magic Moments” that reduced service standards, disrupted team performance and caused reduced morale and lower productivity.

“Action Requests” were added to bridge the gap between email, organization tools and project management software to make it easy to send anyone with an email address a specific request for action to be done, by when, by whom and receive confirmation of its completion. Mazimo Magic makes this functionality available to anyone with an email address.

Mazimo Magic is being made available to the public as a free application upgradable to team and enterprise versions that include additional business tools and customization features.

Mazimo Magic is currently in Pre-Beta development. Release dates are available via our facebook group. Join as a fan to participate in the Private Beta program: